Chapman’s Pursuit


Origin meaning businessperson or tradesperson

A surname derived from the occupational name céapmann "marketman, monger, merchant".

A verb céapan, cypan "to buy or sell"

A noun form ceap "barter, business, purchase."

Chapman’s Pursuit 
In loving memory of my uncle, Christopher Philip Chapman, who left us in October 2010, I decided to honor him by naming my business Chapman’s Pursuit.

This is also my way to remember this venture is not just about my personal ambitions but a way to grow a business for our family.

I Antonio have spent my whole life striving to grow in knowledge and skills so I can help make the world a better place. I decided to take all the knowledge, skills and passion for life & pour them into building a business.

However, as I grew older, I quickly came to the realization that knowledge and competencies were of no importance if I could not also learn the art of sales.

With Autism being a perpetual hurdle to work to over come in all aspects of life, realizing I must sell my vision to get my name out there to grow my business has been a constant challenge. This unexpected adventure has been very exciting and educational thus far and I can’t wait to see where this journey leads us as I continue this PURSUIT.

To establish a legacy & continuity that will grow with our family to be passed down across multiple generations.

I see a vision where we are working together to achieve common goals. Family members, having a shared commitment to the success and sustainability of the business. Key aspects such as shared values, traditions, and a common vision creating the opportunity for family members to be actively involved in various aspects of the business based on strengths and interests. This collective effort will not only secure the future of Chapman’s Pursuit but also strengthen the bond within our family for years to come.

Brand List

Marpe Supplements 
We have made a commitment to health and well-being on a personal, communal, and global level. We firmly believe that everyone should have the opportunity to access premium supplements that can enhance their holistic wellness experience.
Recognizing that each individual has distinct health requirements, we provide a wide array of supplements to address a variety of health objectives and challenges. Our goal is to support our customers in achieving their unique health goals and aspirations.

Original Word: מַרְפֵא 
Derivative of Old Testament Hebrew.
It encompasses the essence of healing and deliverance. 
It represents a curative force, a medicine that brings about restoration and wholeness. 
In translation: Marpe is depicted as a remedy, a source of soundness and well-being. 
The profound wisdom of Proverbs 4:22 
Illuminates the transformative power of Marpe. 
It declares that those who discover and embrace this healing essence will experience life and vitality. 
Marpe becomes a balm that nourishes and rejuvenates every aspect of their being. 
Jeremiah 33:6 
Further emphasizes the significance of Marpe, alongside two other Hebrew words, aruwkah, and the verb rapha 
1. Aruwkah (health): 
This word refers to a state of well-being, wholeness, and soundness. It signifies the restoration of physical, mental, and spiritual health. 
2. Marpe (cure): 
As mentioned earlier, Marpe represents a remedy or medicine that brings about healing and restoration. It encompasses the idea of being made whole and sound. 
3. Rapha (cure): 
This verb denotes the action of healing and curing. 
It signifies the act of bringing about restoration and wholeness. 
In Jeremiah 33:6, God promises to bring health, cure, and healing to His people. 
He assures them that He will restore their well-being, both physically and spiritually. 
Additionally, God promises to reveal to them an abundance of peace and truth, further emphasizing the comprehensive nature of His healing and restoration.

Esse Deliciae  
We are the Essence of luxury 
Quality goods paired with beautiful design to inspire one’s soul.